Skinny Fiber Before & After


Skinny Fiber Before & After

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I laugh and people do too when I say I used to be a “fat kid.” Seriously the things that I was allowed to eat growing up would shock you. My biggest down fall is sweets. It had gotten to where I couldn’t go a day with out it maybe even 2 or 3 times a day. Literally I couldn’t walk past sweets in a store and not get something. On top of that I was in a very dark place in my life the summer of 2013. I was depressed, my home life was in shambles, it was just not good. I end up loosing my job and started looking into working from home. Then along came Skinny Body Care!

I started Skinny Fiber back in August of 2013. I HAVEN”T Yet been consistent with using the product or completed a real 90 day challenge. I mean it took me 4 and half months to take a 3 month supply! (So in the 8 months since starting Skinny Fiber I am 4 days into the 6th bottle! Told you VERY INCONSISTENT!)

During the first month or so i’ll say I did not repeat DID NOT change my diet at all. Seriously I was still eating all kinds of crap. You name it I was more that likely eating it.Well first I noticed that I was sleeping better, no more waking up all through out the night. Then I began to notice my clothes were fitting me differently. Then I noticed that my cravings for sweets were diminishing. I remember buying a Hershey bar with almonds, taking a bite and it was kind of gross. I ended up giving to my kids lol. I haven’t worked out regularly since using the product either.

In my first 4 and half months I lost 27lbs and the only thing I did properly was DRINK WATER! This picture was at our event in Charlotte NC and I weighed in at that time at 259lbs. I LOVE SKINNY FIBER!! I am now 4 days into a real(meaning committed) 90 day challenge and I will be working out this time around along with clean eating. Very excited to see what consistent use, clean eating, and exercise will bring for me! To be continued….


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