Charlene’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Charlene's Skinny Fiber Before & After

I used to weight 384 pds! Then I lost 100 on my own , then 50pds..then gain some back…then I was like at a stand still! No matter what I did I couldn’t lose! My diabetes was way out of control and so was my blood pressure! I was going downhill and fast! My friend introduced me to Skinny Fiber and I was real leary at first…I tried almost everything out there! I said this time I have to succeed,
I want to see my granddaughters go up! So I gave Skinny Fiber a try. And I’m a slow loser I didn’t see a difference till the end of my 1st bottle..but the inches were coming off! I am so thrilled!!! I went from a 3x and yesterday I bought a size 16!!! And I’ve gone down 2 sizes in my bust!! I love it!! I have now bought l or x-large tops and they fit! It so good to go into a store and get reg. sizes! And best part of all (if that ain’t enough!) My diabetes and blood pressure are under control! And the pain in my feet hardly bothers me at all anymore. I used to be on a pain scale 1-10 a 15,and that was everyday and night, now when I get it, it’s like a 3-4!

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