Keri’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Keri's Skinny Fiber Before & After

VaVaVoom! Keri is looking Amazing!!!
Hey pals! I just put this B&A together. I have a few out there but I just snapped this photo today. I love the way my arms look! I have been using SF since may 2013.

I try to exercise regularly but around the holidays I slacked off and went weeks without working out. It didn’t affect me much. I’m inconsistent with taking SF but try my best. If I miss doses, I… try to make up for it by taking it 3 times a day but even still I have only finished 4 bottles in 8 months. Lol.
Shame on me! Imagine how much greater I woulda looked if I was CONSISTENT! I love Skinny Fiber! I continue to progress even at an equivalent of half dose!! JUST TRY IT!

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100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes!
NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here–>>


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