Juanita’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Juanita's Skinny Fiber Before & After

Check Out Juanita! Amazing!!

Well everyone this is another update 18 months on but last 7 months off Skinny Fiber due to being hospitalised for Pneumonia In September 2013 and only now being allowed to exercise again and have been back on skinny fiber for 3 days another 2kgs gone already woop woop!! I started my journey September 26 2012 I had IBS and High Blood Pressure and was on BP meds I came off all meds within 3 weeks and my IBS is now barely existent only when I miss my skinny fiber dose I really notice it I have tried to lose weight for 18 years to no success this is the only product that has ever worked adn has the right ingredients for weight loss to be successsfull 120 inches gone and 50 kgs/103 pounds gone forever!!!! Please join me order today!!!

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