Patty’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Patty's Skinny Fiber Before & After

My name is Patty and I am addicted to Skinny Fiber ~ . Until about 15 years ago I struggled to gain weight. It did not matter what I ate and I did eat!! In my late 20’s I decided to go to college. I had a husband and 2 boys at home and was self-employed. Many late nights using food to stay awake and no time for me changed my weight problem from underweight to overweight. I proceeded to yo-yo diet for 6+ years and would always put back on what I lost plus some.

When I graduated from college I got pregnant and this once 100 pound woman went to 199 pounds. After I had my daughter I again yo-yo’d trying Adkins, Slim Fast, cabbage soup diet and countless “diet pills” in effort to lose weight. I did manage to get back down to about 135 – Yay me! Then I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is an autoimmune disease where the body tries to fight off the matter in the intestines. Treatment=steroids. Each of the 3 times I had to use steroids brought (and I kept) about 25 pounds. So now I am hoovering around 200 pounds (I am 5’4″).

Additionally, I had always battled Endometriosis and when my baby girl was 18 months old I had to have a complete hysterectomy. Can anyone say HORMONES? You guessed it ~ add another 30ish pounds. At my heaviest I weighed in at 242 pounds. Pretty awful since at one time I could not tip the scales at 100 pounds.

So here I was watching my friend on facebook posting about Skinny Fiber. Me with all my medications for: high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, Crohn’s disease and acid reflux [+ plus a multi-vitamin to stay healthy ], contacted my friend to ask “Is this stuff for real? Do you take it?” She provided me with answers to my questions and motivation to recapture my health and of course Skinny Fiber.

The pictures below were taken at the beginning of my journey and about 5 weeks after (inconsistently) taking my Skinny Fiber. I changed nothing EXCEPT alleviating my poisoning habit of drinking 6-8 Diet Dr. Peppers each day to being a water ONLY kinda girl. I had only lost about 8 pounds but inches? I cant even tell you because I did not measure in the beginning but pictures don’t lie.

My journey is ongoing. I have good days and bad but now have Skinny Fiber every day. Goal ~ to be the healthiest Patty I can be and hopefully no longer require all the medication I currently take. I can not express enough how much better I feel and oh yeah I decided to become a distributor myself. I am spreading the love so that I can reach as many people as possible. Weight and health concerns have been my biggest enemy for years and I am OVERCOMING! Skinny Fiber flat out works! Blessings.


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