Evie’s Skinny Fiber Before & After!


Evie's Skinny Fiber Before & After!

EVIE!! Doing Great!

~ “My Family is all a little overweight “we love to eat good food” lol and when my weight was nearing 190 I said no way. I was crying I did not want to be like the rest of the family, and I don’t want to ride a roller coaster with my weight. Between God and Skinny Fiber it has been a life saver. I am healthier than any other time in my life. No med’s for me ever again. When I was a teen I was knees and elbows. Then motherhood caught hold of me and I gained and lost and gained again. I still have some more to go.
I started out at almost 190 lbs, and I am down to 150 Lbs I also lost a total of 21 3/4 inches.. I still have 25 Lbs to go. and with Skinny Fiber I will get there..Thank you ”

L@@king for a BETTER Life?? Look here, YOU GOT THIS!! –>>


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