Jerrilynn’s Skinny Fiber & Ageless Before & After


Jerrilyn's Skinny Fiber & Ageless Before & After

I just love Jerrilynn’s story:
Last Night was just crazy post my updated picture and get TOLD that they are TWO different people. Well in one ASPECT they are right…when I started out I was depressed over weight and 64 lbs heavier.

I made this collage so if anyone questions again they can see how many times my appearance has changed due to my treatments. I told my husband Dave about last night when he got home from work this morning, he was upset…he knows how I have struggled over the years with my appearance and weight. He also knows how much of a toll all of this has taken on BOTH of us and my physical appearance. He suggested I do this so here it is…. so if you get more skeptics use it and feel free to use it anyways if you like. Because Skinny Fiber and AGELESS did change not just my life but my attitude and the way I am now living my life as well!

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