Toni Marie’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Toni Marie's Skinny Fiber Before & After

Here’s my update
Ok here it goes I have not shown this pic to many…but I am so proud of myself!!!! I admit—I was skeptic!!! I had spent so much time on things that did not work and had decided I was doomed to continue to gain weight!! But after talks with my sister who is also taking Skinny Fiber, I thought —why not— I would never ever be happy just gaining weight –and at my age, post-meno and IBS disease I was about to need size 16 pants—- so I did it— It had the 30 day guarantee unlike all the other junk I tried. So I ordered Skinny Fiber and was like here goes nothing!!! I was sooooo wrong! So the first week I was shocked when my IBS that I have suffered with for over 27 years was gone!! The bloat that was sometimes painful was gone and I felt like I had energy! By 3 weeks I was not craving junk and noticed one day that I really did not even want it —so I say my body don’t want it!!!

Long story short and 2 months later I down 1 size!! And 10 lbs Gone. It was slow for me but I have never felt better. So if you are like me — just try it — 30 day empty bottle get your money back if you don’t like it — or change everything like me!! I hope everyone at least tries 1 bottle!!


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