Amanda’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Amanda's Skinny Fiber Before & After

Wow Amanda!!
I have been on Skinny Fiber for 60 days and am loving it!!!!! I didn’t change anything about how I was eating (granted I haven’t drank pop in almost a year and just as long for eating fast food) and I didn’t exercise at all my first month because I wanted to see if this product actually worked. I lost 6 inches my first month!!! My second month I added in 10-15 minutes of exercise everyday (or tried to do it everyday) and I’ve lost 7 lbs and 5 more inches and a pants size!!!! It’s slowly coming off but this product is amazing and I recommend it to everyone I know that is struggling!!!!
Get your Skinny on! 100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! NO KIDDING!! 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!
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