5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism!


5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism!

5 ways to BOOST YOUR metabolism!!

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#1 Drink plenty of water.
Water hydrates you, which allows your metabolism to keep running the way it should. Experts recommend aiming for at least eight glasses of water per day.

#2 Say Goodbye, Processed Foods
Processed foods, such as packaged cheese and deli meats, contain salt and other ingredients that make your body work harder to keep your metabolism running smoothly.

#3 Change Your Scene
Getting out and about at a new location, even a new coffee shop, can give your body and mind the perspective it needs to keep on losing weight.

#4 Move Those Muscles
Move those muscles and see a noticeable spike in your metabolism. Not only does lifting weights and other forms of strength training keep your body burning calories 24/7, but bodies with more lean muscle burn calories faster.

#5 Mind Your Calories
While it’s important to not overdo the calories it’s also smart to eat enough. Eating too little slows down your metabolism by 45 percent, according to Redbook Magazine.
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