Juanita’s Skinny Fiber Before & After!


Juanita's Skinny Fiber Before & After!

Thanks for sharing!!

Juanita is such an inspiration!! She was patient, strong, she never gave up on herself.
You look great, Juanita!!

Juanita says
Well Here I am 15 months on skinny fiber next week Boxing day. I have had a year of so many injuries and Illnesses Broken wrist since January, torn calf muscle, Pneumonia and hospitalised nearly died twice, torn ligaments in other calf while in Sydney in November but I will not quit still going just slower than most! I started my Journey on September 26 2012 My first bottle of skinny fiber arrived and I was already a distributor for about 3 weeks I took my first 3 capsules and thought here we go yet again another product more hopes more promises how long will I stick at it knowing I have never stuck at any weight loss thing for longer than 5 days then after 2 days I could’t wait any longer lol so measured my waist 3 inches gone in 2 days woww I then weighed myself 3 weeks after I started and had lost 10kg’s I was like OMG this really works I took 6 capsules a day and barely drank any water so my results were slower than others but still amazing, I have not changed my diet much in that i still have teat days and take aways just a lot less and I no longer drink co…ke I have a sugar free Lemonade that I get in NZ that has 0 everything and I try to eat lower carb but not strictly I have now lost 50kg’s and 115 inches all over in 12 months am off all my BP meds and my IBS is under control in the last month I have been in hospital with pneumonia and a lung infection so have not been exercising or tking my sf regularly due to not eating so now getting back into it I also go to bootcamp 3x a week with a whole bunch of other women and men fighting the fight and feel so supported Please all give skinny fiber a go it has changed my life both physically and financially order yours now

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