Heather’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


Heather's Skinny Fiber Before & After

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This is Heather L.’s story!
This is me
Lots of people are skeptical about buying skinny fiber i was to at 1st i have tried everything u could think of in the way of dieting and diet pills nothing ever worked i about gave up i have been over weight my whole life even as a kid i toped out around 260 took me 2 years to get down to 240-243 i would get criticized by every one and lots of family telling me my whole life your a fat *** no one will ever want you it keeps going on i cried every day and nite did not no what to do i have had 2 kids but they did nothing to my body b/ it was already the way it is now so i a family member on my hubby’s side told me about skinny fiber and a friend well i sat in a group for some time and said what the heck i see very one else losing weight and inches and all i have to do is drink lots of water so i went for it ordered it got it the 1st part of may started taking it around may 6th i lost 20 pounds the 1st month i was crying this time for joy the second month about the same amount july lost more and no well am down 47 pounds and 18.5 inches so far and im still going i slowed down but still going i changed nothing i switched to whole grains i liked it better any ways drank lots of water about 140 oz a day i do not exercise i clean my house and take care of my kids i have to say i luv skinny fiber i almost gave up i am now 196 pounds

100% natural! NO soy! Gluten FREE! No stimulants! No chemicals!
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