5 Things That Will Stop Sugar Cravings!


The number one reason that people crave sweets is that their insulin is high, and when it starts to fall we want the sugar to spike it back up again. It’s a vicious cycle, that leads to feeling tired, and fatigued. Here are some really good tips that will get you back on track to being healthy and feeling energetic again.
1. Increase your protein intake. Often times our body feels like it wants sugar when it’s really craving protein. Try starting with an egg, or something that is high in protein.
2. Remove the temptations. If you don’t have them around the house it’s harder to indulge. If it’s at work that you’re having a hard time. Do what you can to remove the temptation BEFORE the craving hits. If you keep a jar of jelly beans on your desk. Get rid of them, but bring something healthy to eat when you are ready for a snack.
3. Eat frequently. Cravings are the worst when we’ve either skipped a meal, or we’ve had a drop in our blood sugar. By eating every few hours we avoid that drop in blood sugar. Eating 3 good meals a day with a snack in between will keep you feeling good without getting so hungry that you grab whatever you can find to get your blood sugar up.
4. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners, like Saccharin or Aspartame, make us have more cravings for sweets, and may present a higher risk of cancer.
5. Either Cut sweets cold turkey then indulge in small amounts. Because our insulin is so used to being high, the first 3 days are the hardest. If you can eliminate sweets completely until your body has had a chance to let your insulin come down, you won’t crave them like you did. Then you’ll be able to be satisfied with small amounts.
The times that I limit my sugar I feel so much better. Hopefully these tips can help you feel better and be healthier.

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