Skinny Fiber Before & After


This product is absolutely wonderful… I have been on my weight loss journey for about 2 years now.
I actually just completed my 1st of many 90 day challenges with Skinny Body Care.
Before taking Skinny Fiber I had already lost 53 pounds. I did however hit the proverbial wall and gained back 6lbs when I injured my back. I got off course and a little deflated because I could not workout.
Fast forward to Skinny fiber Even though I changed the way I was eating I was still overeating. LOL. Not indulging in junk but overeating can be bad and stall the weight loss process no matter how good or bad the foods are. SMH..
When I started taking skinny fiber I noticed after eating half of my meal that I was full.
But you know as a child you are programmed to eat everything on your plate …. So thats what I did. lol. So I called myself tricking my brain by eating off a smaller dishes and guess what? It worked… My wife So I am officially apart of the smaller portion gang.
I still cook the same amount but now we have delicious lunches and dinners with the leftovers… Its a great money saver and more importantly when you eat smaller portions of the right foods the body is conducive for the weight to come off…
So I in total I lost the 6lbs back plus 8 more bringing my journey total to 61lbs
I plan to be more disciplined this next challenge.
I do my best to eat right with little to no starchy carbs minimum 5 days a week, drink water (looking forward to drinking half my body weight in oz by the beginning of June), exercise daily (Focus T25 and 21dayFix) and to take 2 skinny fiber pills twice a day 30 minutes before my 2 biggest meals.
I am looking forward to the 2nd challenges results….
This is definitely a journey and when I fall off I try not to make it last past 48 hours.
God wants you healthy and I thank you for following me in my journey to a size healthy.
Thank you Skinny Fiber!


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