Jourdyn’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


This is what Renika has to say about her daughter Jourdyn!!

Miss Jourdyn has made mama proud AGAIN!!! Look at her stomach in the first pic. That same day we tried on the blue jean shirt she has on today and it would not button AT ALL!!!

Today out of sheer curiosity she put it on and BAM!!!! Skinny Fiber CONSISTENTLY for the last 2 weeks, only exercise is what she does on Tue and Thur in P.E. And NO soda!!! We lost track of inches (Sorry) but she has a doctors appointment coming up to see how her asthma is doing! I can’t wait to tell the doctor how she hasn’t used an inhaler in I don’t know when!!!! I am determined to get her in “normal” ranges before her 12th bday next year!!!

She may have the family genes but I will be damned if I let that hinder her!!!! SHE WILL BE A HEALTHY TEENAGER WITH NO SELF ESTEEM ISSUES OR FEELING LIKE SHE ISN’T MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!!!!
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