Dog Shampoo


Dog Shampoo
(Photo by Lorinda F.)

1/2 c. Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 c. Dawn dish soap, original blue
2 c. warm water
juice from one lemon

Put the ACV and soap in container. Slightly mix and then add warm water and lemon juice. Either stir with whisk or put lid on and shake gently.

Ready to give your fur-baby a bath! Be sure to shake before each use. Be to keep away from eyes & nose!

NOTE: Remember Dawn has been used on animals for some time and has been found to be safe and not harsh on them. This being said, do not use any other dish soap as we do not know the safety of it.

If pet has fleas, keep a close eye on them running to the face and ears of your fur-baby. They may even jump onto you. So please pay close attention to the small critters there. Check their face and ears after bathing to make sure nothing gets in their eyes or ears.

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