Courtney’s Skinny Fiber Transformation!


This is from my friend Courtney’s mom and dad… so sweet!!!

Courtney’s Dad says…
Our little girl here is the reason Bonnie and I started in Skinny Fiber! We wanted to support our daughter Courtney!!

We are So Proud of her! In the past year she has lost right at 100 pounds!!

We use to worry about her not waking up some day because she use to have sleep apnea and would fall asleep at any time! She had migraines every day and they are gone!! She had no energy; just enough to make it to work and back because she had to.

I would see her watch all the weight loss shows and hope that something would sink in! She even tried out for the show but was never chosen. We love her at whatever size she is but it was her health we were so worried about! One time she got diet pills from the doctor only to end up in the hospital with heart palpitations for a few days.

Courtney is only 5 ft tall and had got to 308 lbs. Way too much for her small frame! She has finally found something that works for her and it is Amazing!!

I will never forget the day she came in with a funny little grin on her face and told us she found something new she was going to try and she believed it might be the thing! I was skeptical myself because she had tried so many things before and it just seemed like she was just getting bigger! In the back of my mind I was thinking “oh well we will see; probably another one of those things that don’t work again”!

Bonnie told me that we need to stand behind her and support her because this just might be the thing that works for Courtney!! Well guess what? Skinny Fiber was it!! Hooray!! Thanks to Skinny Fiber our daughter has got her life back and getting so healthy! She has lost 98 lbs but what is even so much better is she is ALIVE!! She is now inspiring So Many people all over the world! She is not even finished yet but we know she will reach her goal!!

If you are on the fence about Skinny Fiber please don’t be! You could be like Courtney and Skinny Fiber could be what works for you! You can’t go wrong because when you buy one bottle it comes with a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee! What is even better when you buy one of the bigger packs they come with a 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee! When you order your Skinny Fiber from us we will be your coach and help you all the way!! Don’t be scared because this can be life changing for you too!! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or message me!
★ℒℴѵℯ★ℒℴѵℯ★ℒℴѵℯ ℒℴѵℯ★ℒℴѵℯ★

You will love Skinny Fiber – Now you have a 90 day guarantee
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