Heather’s Skinny Fiber Before & After


This is Heather ….

Hi everyone,
Here’s my most recent update. Feel free to share

My name is Heather & I have a non-scale victory to share with you. The last time I wore this jacket was Fall 2013 and I had to open the side zippers so it wasn’t too tight on me. I tried it on today and it’s way too loose on me. The bottom picture is me wearing my very baggy size 12 jeans that I have to retire. The scale hasn’t been moving lately…as a matter of fact, my weight is a couple of pounds heavier. But I’ve been working out so I’m gaining muscle and the inches are still coming off. Yet another great reason why we can’t measure our goals by the number on the scale. It’s too discouraging and takes the focus off getting healthy and fit. Five months in and I still love my Skinny Fiber!
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