Skinny Fiber Before & After

There are 3 C’s in Life: Choice, Chance and Change. You must first MAKE A CHOICE, to TAKE A CHANCE, or your Life will never CHANGE. I made my choice on April 6th 2013 and have never looked back!

I have been overweight since the age of 7. I was followed by a paediatrician, our family doctor, the support of my parents and following whatever “diet program” was prescribed to me by them at the time (in the late ‘80’s). I kept gaining over the years and weighed in at 136lbs by the age of 10. (The only time in my life I have ever weighed in the 130’s… and at that young age, it was NOT a healthy weight!!). As an adult, my weight has generally always been over the 200lbs mark (I’m 5’4), my highest at 246lbs after the birth of my son in October 2011.

I use to be a “yo-yo dieter” and no doubt many of you can relate. I have tried numerous diet/ weight loss programs, meal replacement shakes, and some of the stranger ones; like the “Cabbage Soup Diet” or the “Master Cleanse” starting in my teen years up until a year and a bit ago (I’m 33)… I was always searching for that “quick fix” to solve my long standing war with my weight.

I am honest in saying that I strongly dislike the word “diet”… have you ever noticed the word “die” in diet? Coincidence? Maybe. Doesn’t it feel like we are “dying” when we go on those crazy meal plans or fad “diets” looking for quick results? Starving ourselves to lose those unwanted pounds, only to fumble (because realistically, how can we honestly follow those plans day in and day out for the rest of our lives????)… Regaining the weight lost AND THEN SOME!! The never ending “diet cycle”…

A person CAN change their “stars”… We have the power within us… You do NOT have to suffer anymore! You can set yourself free! A healthy life awaits you… if you truly want it! The choice is always YOURS.

I have lost over 27lbs with Skinny Fiber. I have not weighed myself in over a month. I do not measure my progress by the scale anymore. How do I know I’m making progress? Seeing my collar bone for the first time in years! Recently fitting into a dress I have not worn in over 8 years! More energy! Discovering that my body now has a “shape”! Friends and family telling me that I look healthy! And asking me what my secret is? This is my non-secret: Skinny Fiber and a commitment to myself, to lead a healthier lifestyle. I am a work in progress. Each day, I arrive closer and closer to my goal: a healthy body from the inside out!

But you don’t have to take my word for it… I’m just a regular girl who decided one day; to make the choice to take a chance to change MY life and my “stars”… The question is: will you?

Order yours today! Give it 90 days (we offer a 90 day money back guarantee!!!) Make the CHOICE, take the CHANCE, and CHANGE your life See More


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