Mike’s Skinny Fiber Transformation!


Go here to order– http://SkinnySexySmiling.skinnyfiberplus.com/
This is my teammate Joanne’s son Mike!

“This is my son Money Money Mike !! lol or also known as Hollywood Mike ! Wherever he goes , people are drawn to him because he is kind, compassionate, caring and just a blessing !!
Back in late July early August 2013 Michael started using Skinny Fiber because he weighed 225 lbs, he had high cholesterol, and a glucose level that was pre diabetic, 139, within 5 weeks his glucose level came down to 108, His cholesterol back in normal range and he was down to 209. As of todays date he is down to 184 lbs, that is a 41 pound weight loss. He is simply taking Skinny Fiber 2 times a day, and drinking 64 ounces plus of water a day.
Many of you may not understand the complexity of raising a person with Down Syndrome, While he is sweet as they come, and a blessing to many He also didn’t have the full understanding of too many high calorie foods, overeating, and exercise and saying NO to the foods that many will offer him.
Because of SKINNY FIBER, Michael no longer CRAVES unhealthy foods, He says NO to ice cream, cookies, pies, fat sandwiches, cheeseburgers, fries, etc. He fills his plate with veggies, salad, small portion of protein, drinks his water and refuses soda pop, sweet tea or any other beverage with calories.
Simply put …..SKINNY FIBER HAS CHANGED HIS LIFE !!! Michael is energized, energetic, he cares for other people who are over weight and desire that they take SKINNY FIBER LIKE HIM !! Michael has met half his weight loss goal,…. Before Skinny Fiber his pant size was 46 and he is now in a 38 Woo Hoo His shirt size was a 2X and is now either a large or extra large depending on the shirt.
The Extra Large is a little big on him, but the neck is larger and that is what he likes. Y’all, if you are on the fence thinking you cannot do this, I’m telling you that you can. Truly if Michael can do it,…..ANYONE CAN !!
I am doing this with him and have lost 26 lbs,….. and 4 plus sizes down, I was a 16 and and extra large blouse, and am in 8’s or 10’s, and medium size tops, some larges. Both Michael and I are losing inches each week, even tho the scale may not move !! it’s crazy, it’s beautiful,…it’s SKINNY FIBER.
Side Note but a HUGE NOTE: is the digestive enzymes in Skinny Fiber have healed Michael’s gut,…. everything about our health begins in our guts literally. Michael once had a fungus on his feet that made them red, itchy, inflamed, just angry looking and his doctors said the medications side effects were worse than the fungus. Michael’s feet are now completely free from the fungus. He has beautiful feet again that are pain free !!
Do it for yourself and someone you love this truly works”


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