Jenny’s Skinny Fiber Before and After


Here is Jenny!!!! Looking great!
“This is my testimonial:
I started noticing the extra pounds when I was in my thirties, I would say to myself no big deal it will come off. I would get a few pounds off and gain it back again plus some. I started making excuses for the weight gain, I would tell myself “you’ve had four kids, your husband is a meat and potato man and you work a full time job sitting at a desk for 40 plus hours a week, of course there is weight gain.” I went back and forth with myself for years, what finally changed was I fell down the stairs and broke my foot really bad. I was laid up for months. I didn’t realize how big I had gotten until one night my hubby and I were going out and my daughter took a picture of me. I couldn’t believe what I looked like. My daughter had been taking Skinny Fiber after she had her son and I noticed the difference in her so I thought “why not”. I did the 90 day challenge and lost 30lbs, I’m not at my ideal weight but I’m getting there with the help of Skinny Fiber.””

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