Natasha’s Skinny Fiber Before and After


So happy for this little cutie…- Natasha
My story starts back on the day that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I was lost & confused & didn’t know what it meant for my life or how I was supposed to live with it.
It was a struggle to stay positive while I battled my weight over the years. I began to change my attitude & the way I was living. Slowly through much research I learned how to eat to be healthy…..Eat to live….Not live to eat!!
Here I am 16 years later, healthy, happy, & full of life & energy!!
Last year I learned of a product called Skinny Fiber through an amazing friend of mine, she too carried many health problems & battled her weight.
I was unsure at first as I was careful about what I put into my body. After 6 months of watching it transform her life & much research on my part, I decided to take the plunge.
In December of 2013 I started on my Skinny Fiber journey & have never felt better!! I have more energy & am sleeping better than I have in years!!
Now I am eating clean, getting lots of exercise & loving life!!
I started this website to support & motivate you in your journey, share the lessons I have learned & help you live a healthier life!! You too can be healthy & happy!!
I am by no means perfect nor am I a registered or certified dietician or nutritionist. I still have my vices….like CHEESE & I still fall off the wagon every now & then & give into a plate of eggs benedict on a rare Sunday morning!!
What have you got to lose?? It’s time to start your healthy journey today!!
Get 3 free months and a 90 day guarantee!!!
You will love Skinny Fiber -you can order here! Click ORDER


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